Prestige Site Sheds unique storage unit

Our lock boxes are made from Stainless Steel and are located on the inside of our units, for added Security

Prestige Site Sheds is an onsite and unique storage unit, with our units specifically designed to store your hand tools, power tools, power leads and building materials whilst also protecting them from thieves. Theft is the No.1 cause of down time on a building site today.
Here at Prestige Site Sheds we have gone to great lengths to design a storage unit that will ensure your tools and equipment are safe and secure whilst on the building site.

Patented Hide-A-Way lock box

All units from size 1 through to size 6 are constructed using heavy duty steel and have a Patented Hide-A-Way lock box, which is fabricated from Stainless Steel for added security and protection. The unit is also uses a Lockwood High Security No.6 Padlock.

Hide-A-Way lock box.

Our Site Sheds differ from our competitors, in that all our units including the Containers have lock boxes which are are made from Stainless Steel and are located on the inside of the units making it harder for thieves to gain access to them. Hence why we call it a Hide-A-Way lock box.

Patented Sliding Door System

Another point of difference is that Units 3 through to Units 6 have an optional Patented Sliding Door System which makes opening and closing them a breeze, mo more struggling to open the units.

If you are concerned about keeping your tools and equipment safe whilst on site and the Health and Safety of your workers (Our easy to use Patented Sliding Door System) then we have a storage unit for you!

Of course we can also build a Site Shed that meets your specific needs, take a look through our site or give us a call. Prestige Site Sheds: Quality Sheds to secure your property!


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